November 14th will our 3rd Midwest Music Expo, a Music Business conference started by Martin Atkins and his students at Millikin University in 2019 as an in-person event and pivoted to a virtual conference in May. This will be the first Scratch and Sniff conference with a hand-screened, signed and numbered smell card so you can smell along with the informative panels throughout the day. Featuring Michael Anthony Alago who signed Metallica at the age of 23 and Wendy Day, the Queen of Hip-Hop just to name just two of the amazing presenters! The event is in conjunction with Indie Week in Toronto and the Center for Creative Entrepreneurship. To purchase your limited edition scratch-n-sniff card, visit:


Who should come?

Anyone who is interested in making music, art, or gaining insight on creative entrepreneurship, MmX is for you!

Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, Producers, DJs, Managers, Podcasters, Bloggers, Designers, Artists – from amateurs to pros, there will be something for all!

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