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Get Signed!

Compete to Win a Record Deal with First Step Records!

First Step Records

The Details:

MmX is excited to announce our first-ever Get Signed! contest. Aspiring musicians and songwriters can compete to win a record deal with First Step Records that comes with a prize package valued at over $3,000. 

Each participant will be required to submit a song that will be critiqued during a song listening panel at MmX along with a questionnaire regarding their level of activity in the music industry. 

At the panel, artists will play a 60-second clip of their recorded song for the panel industry professionals. Songs will be judged based on five criteria: lyrics, melody, performance, production, and overall impression.

In addition to evaluating the quality of the submitted song, the judges will also take into consideration the contestant’s level of activity in the indie music scene, including factors such as the number of shows they have played, the size of their merch lines, and the number of followers they have amassed.


The winning artist or band receives a record deal with First Step Records (valued at $3000+)  that includes:

  • A 100-Unit Pressing Run of 12” Vinyl from Smashed Plastic
  • A MIDI Keyboard
  • 25 T-shirts, and More!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get your music heard and take the first step in your music career! 


How to enter:

  1. Choose 1 minute from your best song
  2. Fill out the Entry Form by April 14
  3. Attend 3 MmX panels on April 15
  4. Play your song for the judges

Eligibility Rules

  1. Contestants must complete the entry form.
  2. Songs must be original and contain no samples.
  3. Contestants must attend three panels at MmX and have the MmX Passport stamped.
  4. Contestants must be present and on time for the Song Listening Lightning Round panel at 3 pm.
  5. Failure to comply with any one of these rules will result in disqualification from the contest.

Contest Rubric can be found here.