MAY 16, 2020 – MMX Virtual: Song Listening Panel and Ableton Workshop

GREAT NEWS!!!! If you haven’t heard – we have moved the song listening panel to this Saturday, May 16th @ 12pm. This means that you have so much extra time to submit your demos and the chance to win amazing prizes!!! We are collaborating with Roy Elkins and Broadjam to utilize their platform, along with several industry professional judges with incredible credentials!!! Before the listening, Orville Klein will give an Abelton beat making workshop! Big thanks to our sponsors Presonus, Discmakers, and Frequency Sales for making this happen. Submit your songs now!!!


Who should come?

Anyone who is interested in making music, art, or gaining insight on creative entrepreneurship, MmX is for you!

Singers, Songwriters, Musicians, Producers, DJs, Managers, Podcasters, Bloggers, Designers, Artists – from amateurs to pros, there will be something for all!

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